5 Lies of the Devil – Update

Whassup, peeps?

I just dig you guys the most!! I just wanted to offer a little update on the study. I have had about twenty ladies express interest in participating, and I am out of my gourd with excitement! You guys have been asking some great questions too that I’ll address here for everyone’s benefit:

How much homework will there be? None 🙂 That goes against every teacher instinct in me, just so you know!

Is there a book or other materials to purchase? No 🙂 The Bible will be our text. We’ll have a lesson and discuss as time allows. That’s kinda the format we’ll follow…

What if I cannot come to all of the sessions? That’s not a problem at all! Each evening’s lesson will be independent of the others. Please come even if you cannot come to all five.

Has a location been determined yet? No. Many of you have made GENEROUS offers of space (THANK YOU!), and I am not even ready to choose a place yet. If I had already secured a space for 10-15 people, I would be worried about it being too small at this point. My plan is to ride it out a little longer to get a fairly decent estimate. I am trusting God to bring every lady He wants and then trusting Him to provide the right space for His purposes. If you have emailed me your information, I will make sure you know where we will meet in plenty of time (which may be a very relative promise 😉 Please continue to send space ideas and offers. They are greatly appreciated!

How do I sign up? Just email me (secawthon@yahoo.com) your name, email address, and mailing address. I need that info from each lady planning to participate.

Is there a cut-off date for signing up? No, but. As soon as you know that you would like to be involved, please shoot me your info – purely to allow us to choose an appropriate space! Having said that, if you find out about the study two weeks after it has started and you want to come, please email me and for the love of Pete come on. Nothing would tickle me more!

I have always wanted to do an FAQ post. How exciting (and dorky)! I am souped-up hyper about this chance to pursue Him with you! Keep the questions coming, and TTFN…

Five Lies of the Devil: Update on the Update

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