About Cookie

Comaandlistenfont2Let me be super straight; I have no interest in trying to sell you a package of togetherness. I love Jesus, but I’ve been a prodigal. A problem child. I’ve been taken behind the woodshed a time or two; I’m familiar with the disciplining rod.  I’ve hurt people.  And there was a time I gave up on God. My Bible dudes are David (#adulterer & #murderer) and Peter (#denier).  Because in their returning they were still useful, and that is my hope.

TurnedbackIf you’re looking for a faithful follower who always wins, I can suggest some beautiful godly people I learn from and admire. What you’ve stumbled upon here is a girl who’s been a mess but is grateful to be the product of a tenacious grace.  Undeserved adoration. And the only reason I think I have anything to say is because I want you to know that the reach of his love and forgiveness always overextends our mistakes.

My incredible husband, Chris, and I have been married for nineteen years, and we are tickled to be the parents of two sassy gals, Carson (15yo) and Campbell (12yo).  We love adventuring and laughing together the most.

I’m addicted to coffee, Diet Pepsi and sunshine.  I love books and movies that make me cry, bear naps, the comforting hum of the heater, second chances, having stamps when I need them, time alone, a beautiful moon, and freshly vacuumed carpet. I’m thankful for Truth. And skinny face days and skinny leg days.  And good hair days and dessert.  I’m not a fan of chewing gum, scary movies, flat shoes, homework, or any type of food on a stick.

I’m a small town country girl at heart and a bit of a ninja in secret.  I’m also wrestling with my own fortysomething desire for a tattoo and having my nose pierced again.  Stay tuned for developments on that mid-life crisis.

Thank you for stopping in; it’s nice to meet you.  I hope to see you around these parts on a regular basis…