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Beth Moore brings it – without fail!

I attended the simulcast of her live conference in Louisville this weekend, and here are some of the most salient points…

  • Let us be about pursuing the narrow way without getting a narrow mind.
  • He put me in this generation in my sphere of influence with a purpose.
  • Faith and freedom are inseparable.
  • God doesn’t exaggerate; He just tells the Truth.
  • His breath gives life.
  • He can thoroughly equip me for whatever He has for me, but not outside of reading His Word! Now!
  • When the season of testing exceeds the season of believing, we are headed for a season of falling.
  • My roots of faith are only as deep as I am convinced that God loves me.
  • He will birth your passion from your pain!
  • The curative over anxiety is prayer (I had to share that one just because I love that word).
  • We are left here to be a benefit.
  • When God pours His Spirit on me, my “dirt” becomes soil (Luke 8).
  • Be what you seem.
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As if...

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  1. Susanne
    August 3, 2008 at 11:16 pm

    Wasn’t that just AWESOME!! It’s so great when you go hungry, and get completely full to over-flowing! I am so glad to see these “words” that God spoke into your heart. And what a way to CLAIM THEM!!! 😉

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