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In my world, most of the people are pretty much like me. The people in my neighborhood live pretty much the way I live. My friends pretty much do the same things I do. It’s not often that I spend time with someone whose life experience is so different from my own.

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to sit down with a mom very different from myself. She’s a foster mom. Single and only a couple of years older than I am. I was given an hour and a half to glimpse into her world, and I left with eyes that see a little more and a heart that understands just a little more than it did before our interview. I think this is certainly one of the many ways God is going to challenge me through my relationship with She magazine.

I was actually a foster care driver during college (driving foster children to visit with their parents), but I was not a parent then. And my, my, my how parenthood changes our perspective…

I hope you get the chance to peek at the article in May, certainly not because I’m writing it, but because I feel different after having met her. And I hope to be able to convey that through my words (although I’m struggling to do that right now).

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