Crumbs under the Cushions

About the car. We took it today to be “detailed” in hopes of eliminating the most offensive odor. My dear husband made arrangements for us to leave the car the entire day, and he was absolutely mortified as we began hauling car seats out of the back – the Cheerios, cheese crackers, chicken nuggets, and Cheetos began to fly. I even caught myself looking around to see if anyone I knew was watching this spectacle (since this place is only situated at one of the busiest intersections in town). We left it in good hands, and all of us, even the girls, were excited about returning to retrieve a clean, fresh smelling car.

As we approached the detail shop late this afternoon, she looked like a new ride. She was spiffed up, and I was proud to see my nine year-old 107,000 miler looking so good. Chris and I popped out to inspect the interior, and at first glance it was a new day for the Pathfinder. I quickly pulled up the bottom of the back seat and my smile sagged. Yep, there they were – remnants of the Cheerios, cheese crackers, chicken nuggets, and Cheetos.

We came home, and I vacuumed under the seats. I took some 409 to areas that were still a little encrusted, and she’s almost as clean as she’s ever been. But that was pretty disappointing. She looked great from afar, but the yuck was still hanging around.

I’m like that.

I look pretty good from afar, but I still got some yuck hanging around. Yuck that I don’t want you to discover. Like when I look around in a restaurant to see if anyone heard me reprimand Carson a little too loudly or when I consciously decide not to engage anyone in conversation at the park because I don’t feel like exerting the effort – even if it’s a lost opportunity to minister to a mom.

One of my objectives in blogging is to just be straight with you, to live honestly before whomever my audience may be. I got yuck hanging around that I expose to my Father’s vacuum and 409 on a regular basis, but I’ll always be disappointing if you check the interior closely enough.

So if you see me out and about in Flotown in my dressed up ride, wave and know that there are plenty of crumbs left under the cushions.

Bigger eyes, Deeper hearts