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I was doing some reading last night as I was trying to relax and re-inflate my tire (see sad pic below). I was reading in Breathe: Creating Space for God in a Hectic Life (by Keri Wyatt Kent) about how interruptions are opportunities – even divine appointments – to love on somebody.

A ringing phone while I am rushing around throwing dinner together. A lil’ one with a knocked noggin while I am in the shower. A dirty traveler with a sign begging for food at the intersection at the mall; I speed on to my next errand. True enough. Each example does provide an opportunity to accept or reject a chance to minister to someone: an encouraging word, a comforting kiss on a boo-boo, a warm meal to satisfy someone’s hunger.

The most compelling reading was a look at how Jesus dealt with interruptions. He was like the busiest, most sought after Man to walk the planet, and He only had three years in ministry in which to complete His mission. Crowds followed Him everywhere. He would get in a boat to sail away from one crowd and be greeted by another on the other side of the lake. Madness, I say. But we don’t see Him hurry and dismiss people. He accepted interruptions as a means to fulfill His mission, not a distraction from His mission. Just to site a few, we see Him interrupted by Jairus (a religious leader who wants Jesus to come heal his daughter), and Jesus consents. Well, while he is on the way to Jairus’ house, He is interrupted by a woman who touches His garment in order to be healed (Mark 5:21-43). He stops to acknowledge and validate her as well. In Matthew 19:13 we see Jesus interrupted by people bringing babies and children for Him to pray over. The disciples try to send the people away, but He welcomes them. And once while Jesus was teaching in a house – lo and behold – a paralyzed man is lowered from the roof in front of Him (Luke 5:17-26). Talk about a distraction and interruption! Jesus heals the brother and sends him on his way. He saw the interruptions as part of His mission. Ours are too…

I am not usually a good steward of my interruptions. How ’bout you? Would you do me a favor and anonymously post comments on some interruptions you did accept as opportunities or maybe some you wish you could do over? I ask you to comment anonymously so you won’t feel like you’re tootin’ your own horn, so to speak. If we share some of our past opportunities, we might help each other have eyes to see what we might otherwise miss…

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  1. Anonymous
    August 20, 2008 at 5:21 pm

    Today I ran an errand for a friend who did not have transportation to do it herself.

  2. Anonymous
    August 21, 2008 at 2:55 am

    One Sunday our Sunday School teacher challenged us with this same objective: look around for what God wants you to do. He sends us assignments, so PAY ATTENTION. He even specifically mentioned picking up someone that needed a ride home. No lie: 2 days later I saw a waitress from Chili’s walking down Ebenezer in the freezing cold rain with no jacket. I could feel God’s hand knocking like a jack hammer. I stopped and picked her up and gave her a ride to were her daughter was going to meet her–a mile from where I picked her up. That would have been a long mile for her but it was nothing for me. In that short time God had me tell her that it is God’s plan for little things like this to happen. God had me pick her up. No such thing as a coincidence.

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