Fried, Scattered, Smothered, & Covered

Okay, we’re not talking hash browns here. We’re talking about my mental faculties. Done. Summer has taken its toll, and at its completion I find that my brain is mush. As it turns out, you really can spend too much time with your children. I don’t have one intelligent thing to say, so this will be another momma post. Though being at it 24/7 can be exhausting, draining, numbing, and dumbing, it can also be way more hysterical than life outside of motherhood ever thought about being.

Carson had a friend over to play yesterday, and the three girls were playing doctor in the kitchen as I cleaned quietly. I soon heard that Campbell and Kit (Carson’s favorite doll) have been diagnosed with diarrhea. I kinda smiled real big because I was pretty sure that Carson didn’t know what diarrhea was. When her friend ran back into the bedroom to collect more supplies, I asked Carson if she knew what it was. She did not. I enlightened her on the subject and her smile grew into this humongous grin; she thought it was too funny that she and her friend had inflicted diarrhea upon her little sister.

Then the lil’ medical experts thought Campbell had cancer. Which totally weirded me out, and I nixed that one pronto! There are some things, in my book, that you just don’t play… I informed the doctors that she could have a broken bone, and that was about the extent of what I could allow (I know they were just playing but that other stuff just messes with my heart and mind too much).

Well, the whole broken arm bit worked out well for Campbell. The girls wanted me to put the indoor playhouse together, and in order for me to do that they had to clean all of the stuff out of it. Campbell was excused from helping because of her “broken” arm. She was workin’ it, and I can assure you that is the only time her older sister has ever released her from cleaning.

So, school starts Monday. It needs to for a few reasons; we need some structure and we all need a break from each other and the girls are excited about a new year. But it has been a great summer, so we’ll have to take the good with the bad as we forge on into 3K and first grade. Bear with me for a few days as we transition into school mode and all. Hopefully there will be a revival among my lethargic brain cells and I’ll be back with new cerebral power in a few…

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