“I ain’t gettin’ on no plane!”

Okay, so if you read the last post, I went on a ten day trip to England the summer after my first year of teaching. It was the first time I flew, and I was very excited about it. We had a night flight, so we flew all night and arrived at 8:00 am in Manchester. Well, the flight over was less then stellar. I was in the dead middle of a row with like ten people on either side of me – ten sleeping people. So, when I needed to go to the restroom, I had to maneuver through a game of Twister; there were limbs and snores and drool and gaping mouths everywhere. I stood by the bathroom most of the night because I couldn’t stand to be locked in by those hot-breathed bodies. So I wasn’t afraid, just a little freaked out by the circumstances surrounding my seat.

On the return flight, I was able to scoop up an aisle seat on the very last row. I enjoyed myself thoroughly. I watched the movies and listened to the airplane music and watched the screen that showed us progressing across the Atlantic and ate my peanuts, etc…

Later that same summer I flew to Miami with my mom. After we were married, Chris and I flew to Miami and New Orleans, and I really enjoyed flying. But I have only flown once in the past six years (the child-bearing years), and now I am wigged out about flying. My heart is racing and my breath is shallow just typing about flying. I kid you not.

My last flight was not pretty either. I fully expected Jesus to take me home that afternoon. Chris and I were with a group from his company, and I acted like a complete loon. He was sweet not to tell me how much I’m sure I embarrassed him. I sobbed and sat very still staring at my Bible opened on my lap, silently mouthing the words to Joshua 1:9. I know that’s freakish. I know, I know.

Chris and I are going to California for our ten-year anniversary trip in about a week, and we ain’t driving, so I’m thinking a lot about flying these days. I think the fact that I’m a mom has affected my desire to fly; I feel like I need to be around for my girls, so I prefer not to perish in a fiery mangled plane crash. And September 11. And the whole gravity-defying aspect really messes with me now.

So how have I gone from a person who enjoyed flying to one with a completely irrational fear of flying? And in my head I know all of the facts, but I firmly believe that my heart is going to burst and I am going to throw up and I may begin to scream hysterically as we accelerate down the runway. My stomach is churning as I type. Where’s the A Team when you need ’em? Can anybody hook me up with some Mr. T medication? I want to be on his flight plan.

Just kidding, sorta…

"I love it when a plan comes together!"
Mr. Principal


  1. Susanne
    June 18, 2008 at 3:19 pm

    Ha ha!! I am laughing with you…NOT at you!

    I took my first flight EVER to Dallas last summer. I was terrified, but I took to it better than I thought I would.

    I’ll see if I can get in touch with Hannibal, Face, and Murdock to accompany you, or at least get you some meds before you leave!

    (Our “10” is on Friday)

  2. Melanie
    June 25, 2008 at 1:43 am

    First of all Happy 10th, and congrats! Secondly, you are not alone! I despise flying. If I could drive through the ocean, I’d do it. You’ll be fine. Have fun!!

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