If it had been a snake…

Don’t you love that Southern saying: “If it had been a snake it would’ve bit ya.” Had one of those experiences this morning:

I dressed at the gym yesterday, so I was unpacking my toiletries bag as I beautified this morning. I couldn’t find my comb. My purple and turquoise wide-tooth comb that I have had well over ten years. I was ticked at the thought that I had left it at the gym. It would probably still be there today, but then I would think it was gross because somebody may have used it… Funky! Anyway it wouldn’t be the same.

Well, I continued to apply my make-up, etc…, out of my bag – my bag with clear pockets. When I was almost done, I saw my comb in one of the middle pockets. Right there in plain view. I must have looked at it like twenty times while I retrieved various supplies, and I absolutely never saw it.

Jesus talked about those who see but do not perceive. My eyes saw the comb, but my brain didn’t perceive it. I don’t want to be that person. Do I see a dark, lonely, hopeless world around me and not perceive it? Do I have eyes that don’t see? Do I look into the faces of people who are far from the Lord every day and not even perceive their need or their despair.

I do, but it is so my heart’s desire to be different.

Turn on the music...
Pinball anyone?

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