In the gym just working on my fitness… (Part One)

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I love the gym! Not for the noble reasons that you might expect though. People at the gym are a hoot! I love studying who comes to the gym, why they come, what they do while they’re there, how often they come, what they wear, what speed and incline they run on, what time of day they come, etc… Fascinating stuff, people. If I ever write a book, it very well may be about gym folk.

During one of my favorite visits, I was putting on make-up (I love getting dressed at the gym) in a part of the locker room where some cuties were getting ready for their water aerobics class. There were five or six ladies who were sixty-five or older, and this was the convo I overheard…

Mae: Lucille, I already walked a mile on the treadmill.
Lucille: That is great, Mae!
Mae: But the scales still say the same thing.
Betty: They will change, girl. Keep working.
Alma: You might be like me and never lose weight, but they make size 20 caskets, you know.
Lucille: Don’t you say that. Don’t you say that! I’ve lost 31 pounds.
Mae: I’ll tell y’all why Lucille lost weight. I just heard that sex will make you lose weight. I did. I heard that.
Alma: Well, no wonder I’m fat.
Mae: Yeah, me too…

I am not making one bit of that up! How funny is that? More on gym folks soon…

In the gym just working on my fitness (Part Two)
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