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Happy New Year, friend!

It’s time to get this party (and 2016) started.

You can now kick off your day and new year with the first Who’s Your Daddy? video. Grab your workbook, 20 minutes, a pen & journal, and head here to dive in.

*Read the introduction in the workbook, so you’re familiar with the format.

*The video password is on the first page in your book.

*Each video is about 20 minutes in length.

*You will need an internet connection to access the videos, but you can download them and watch them anytime, anywhere.

*The Group Discussion Guide is a free downloadable pdf, with all the info you need to lead an effective WYD group.

If you have friends you want to join you in your WYD experience, they can test-run the study with access to all of Week One (video & workbook pages). Encourage them to take it for a spin before purchasing the rest of the content.

If you have any questions or issues, please email us at howdy@tenaciousgrace.cc. It is our absolute pleasure and honor to serve you.

Know that we are praying HUGE prayers that God reveals Himself in a crazy powerful way during your time with Him.

Massive love to you,

PS – If you haven’t ordered your copy of WYD and would like to, you can do that here, and we’ll stick a copy in the mail to you tomorrow. In the meantime, feel free to get started with Week One.

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