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Any Hanson fans in the house? Okay, not here either, but here’s my MMMemorial Day recap:

  • Madness at the grocery store
  • More work done in our yard and around our house than in a while
  • Masterful painters working on our porches
  • Makin’ my labor-intensive potato salad
  • Marathon of ragin‘ volleyball games this afternoon – some stellar performances out there!
  • Massive volleyball players towering over me
  • Multiple trips through the food line (bad – very, very bad)
  • Much fun with an easy crowd of new and familiar faces
  • My cuties and many others hard at play for hours
  • Many thanks to our gracious host and hostess
  • Maneuvering the minefield of meltdowns before bed
  • Meticulous surgery on a splinter in a tender heel – navigating the needle oh so gingerly
  • Monsters in the bathroom and menacing smoke detectors (bathtime/bedtime fears)
  • Moon pie, baby! (love them) – DEEEEEElectable!
  • Marvelous day

You know, if I keep up this nutball English teacher mania, I’m going to have to write a bloody haiku.

I have a dream...
Questionable comfort...

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