Okay, once there was this prophet, this priest, and this king…

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I really may be about to show off my ignorance, but I am reading Vintage Jesus by Mark Driscoll and Gerry Breshears and have just learned one of the coolest things about Jesus that I’ve ever heard. And it isn’t really that earth-shattering or surprising, but the packaging of it is so fresh that I can’t keep my brain off of it.

The three most prominent positions in the Old Testament were held by prophets (who spoke for God), priests (who conducted sacrifices and mediated between God and Israel), and kings (who obviously ruled over Israel). In Jesus’ mission to come and completely fulfill the OT, He came as one man completely and ultimately fulfilling all three of those roles. As the ultimate Prophet, He proclaimed God’s Word and spoke Truth to the world. Heck, He was Truth walking around in a carpenter’s body. As the ultimate Priest, He made sacrifice and intercession for us. He is our mediator and provides access to the Father. As the ultimate King, he has dominion over everything, and we are subject to his authority over every area of our lives.

Is that the bomb or what?

I am symmetrical and tidy and organized and planned, and I flat out dig the fact that our God is One of order and perfection. The absolute beauty of how every element fits together so snugly and accurately blows my minuscule mind. Pure beauty!!

Mark Driscoll shares,

As prophet, Jesus was actively pointing out sin in my life through Scripture and the Holy Spirit. As king, Jesus was revealing to me the implications of his rule over my entire life. As priest, Jesus was kindly and patiently forgiving my sin and changing my life through his Word, his Spirit, and the people whom he had brought alongside of me as friends. Early in my Christian life, I was blessed to see Jesus in each of his three roles and experience the difference it makes to see how they work together in a perfect way.”

Boom-Yow! LOVE IT!

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