Pinball anyone?

I know spring is kinda a symbolic time for new stuff. New growth. New clothes (spiffy Easter duds). But come on… I am almost shell-shocked from the “new” going on in my life. Chris is starting a new job, which we do every two-three years, so that always means a period of home study (to learn the new product(s)), at least two weeks away for training, a new car, perhaps a new territory, and a new manager.

Then there’s also the new church start our family is a part of – NewSpring Church in Florence. Yahoooooo! A new location. New people to meet. Lots and lots of things to do.

No complaining here. I’m one who is easily bored, so I am beyond thankful that God is pouring out the “new” on us. The uncertainty, the newness, the change, even perhaps the discomfort is exhilarating because we’re plugged in to the Source while our heads spin and ding in the pinball machine that is our life during this season.

If it had been a snake...

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