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Tonight I have to shamelessly plug Perry Noble’s last two sermons. For those who may not know, Perry is the senior pastor at NewSpring Church, and he is preaching a series entitled Sex, Money, & Power: The Man Series. You can watch the services online, and I absolutely recommend that you and your beloved take in these two together.

I watched “Body Language” Saturday night, and it was frighteningly enlightening. The message deals with the sexual temptations that all men face, and I think for the most part that we as women are totally clueless about this struggle in the lives of our husbands. And we probably prefer not to even go there, but I think it’s healthy and necessary to understand our men better and to understand how to pray for them and to better understand how to protect our marriages.

I listened to “What She Really Wants You to Know About Sex” today at the gym. Title is pretty self explanatory. Yep, I thought that would keep me interested while I exercised. It did not disappoint. Pastor P called it right; I agreed with 100% of what he said. I have attempted to communicate many of his points to Chris over the course of our ten year marriage, but I could have never packaged it as precisely and concisely as he did. Kinda freaky that he did it so well.

Take me up on the suggestion; you won’t be sorry you did. And if you can’t watch them together, watch them alone – but watch them! Very good stuff… Very funny stuff… Very practical stuff…

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  1. Chris Reeder
    April 24, 2008 at 1:52 pm

    Very important subject to address in God’s Church!

    Chris Reeder

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