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Isn’t life funny. There have been times in my life when I have worked so hard and been so proud of a paper or my performance on an exam or my grade report. In the classroom, I worked diligently to help move my struggling students to a higher level of achievement and felt so rewarded when they made gains. In the past, I so appreciated compliments from my peers and valued my professional evaluations.
In this season, I am proud of our Razzle Dazzle punkin! Carson and I transformed a plain orange construction paper pumpkin into this bling-bling! I am quite afraid that it isn’t all that photogenic, but it is striking in person (I actually think it kinda looks ghetto in the pic, but it truly is a sight to behold). It will decorate the bulletin board outside of her classroom, and we are tickled with ourselves! Carson ran out of the bed this morning, giddy about taking our masterpiece to school. The kitchen was quiet this morning as we ate breakfast (we try not to arouse any three year-old hornets while preparing for school), and then Carson called out in a loud whisper, “I love our pumpkin!” I must say I share her sentiments.
Sweet Child of Mine
I am certain.

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