Sepia-tone Lovin’

I’m a fan – a Jack Johnson fan. I’m still discovering him even though he may be so three years ago. I’m diggin’ on the surfer sage. And I can get sucked in to some acoustic guitar coupled with earthy folk wisdom and colorful language (aren’t I quite the music reviewer?). Anyway, he breathes an ocean breeze on my mood, fits a hammock under my fanny, and covers me in a soft shade on any spell we spend together. Here are some of my favorite lines from In Between Dreams (my cornball commentary in italics):

Our dreams … they are made out of real things, like a shoebox of photographs with sepia-tone lovin’ – “Better Together” (sepia-tone lovin’ is too much for me to handle – brilliant)
We’re just moments. We’re clever but we’re clueless. – “Never Know” (gritty truth!)
We got everything we need right here. And everything we need is enough. – “Banana Pancakes” (can I remember this before I make another trip to Target?)
Where’d all the good people go? I’ve been changin’ channels; I don’t see them on the tv shows. Where’d all the good people go? We got heaps and heaps of what we sow. – “Good People” (super valid question! )
[TV] Station to station – desensitizing the nation… – “Good People” (how many mug shots do we need to see on the local news each night; surely there should be a limit…)
Well, too much silence can be misleading. – “No Other Way” (I can concoct a host of dire scenarios in somone’s silence…)
We don’t really need to find reason ’cause out the same door that it came; well, it’s leaving. – “No Other Way” (the subjectivity of reason makes it deceptively unreliable)
He shot the future in the foot with every step he took – “Staple It Together” (know some people who are doing this right now; painful to watch…)
His walls are getting taller; his world is getting smaller – “Staple It Together” (the first has always led to the latter in my own journey)
A brand new baby was born yesterday, just in time. Papa cried, baby cried, said your tears are like mine – “If I Could” (every now and then I am taken aback by the universality of the human experience; very little, if anything, unique to an individual – the full circle of it all…)
Check him out if you haven’t; in my estimation, he’s pretty rockstar!
Fried, Scattered, Smothered, & Covered
Proud Momma


  1. gillian
    August 11, 2008 at 3:12 pm

    LOVE HIM!!! That is a GREAT album! um, I mean cd.

  2. Cialis
    November 19, 2008 at 9:11 am

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