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It must be too fabulous to have an endorsement deal. To be so bombalicious that a company is drooling to have your name attached to its product. I am going to pretend that’s me today… only thing is – there’s no check forthcoming and you probably don’t give two hoots about what I endorse. Anyway, I’m shamelessly pluggin’ today…

1) NewSpring Church – Florence: Coming soon to a _____________ near you. Mid-Fall-ish, baby! I bet you saw this one comin’ a mile away. Shameless, I tell you… You can watch a worship experience online at

2) She Magazine… it’s a woman thing! I luv luv luv writing for She. It goes quickly when it comes out, but I most often find it at The Pig at Flo-town Mall, McLeod Health & Fitness Center, or My Favorite Things on Cashua. I am certainly not above dashing out of the car to quickly snag a copy before they’re all gone. If you usually fail to find a copy or if you live elsewhere, you can also mail a $32 check or money order to 609 North Main Street, Marion, SC 29571, for a year’s subscription. She Saturday is going to be a way fun girls’ day at the Civic Center on September 20; grab a passel of girlfriends, a fun lunch together, and then head in for only $5 per person, I think.

3) Piggly Wiggly at the Flo-town Mall: I’m big on The Pig! I just gave their Click n’ Shop a whirl, and it blew me away! I filled my cart at at 1:00 in the am and pulled up to the store at 10:00 am. My goods were wheeled to the car by the store manager and loaded for me. All for a $5 fee. I am not pullin’ your leg. Totally stress-free shopping, and I actually spent less moola because I couldn’t mindlessly grab things from the shelves and throw them in the cart as my patience and sanity evaporated with every squeal, whine, push, etc… Plus there were no totally random pickled eggs added to the cart by an unnamed three year-old.

4) Citgo Markette on Pine Needles: This is where I most often support my DP addiction (see this post); I am also slightly recovering from an MP addiction (uh-huh, moon pie!); my Markette has the best DP and MP’s in town! You cannot buy Diet Pepsi at an establishment that serves food. I do not, for any reason, care for my Diet Pepsi to smell like fried chicken. No thank you! My Markette is tried and true – no stinky drinks there.

5) Chocolate Chip Pecan Pie from Town House! Will change your life and your pants size!

6) Brach’s Bridge Mix sold in a brown bag on the candy aisle at most grocery and drug stores (thanx, Tammi!). I personally do not like any other brand. My chocolate lovin’ friends, you need some of this…

7) Cheeseburger with onions and chili and a side o’ onion rings from Jumpin’ J’s!

WARNING: As it turns out, my endorsements may cause serious weight gain and clog your arteries! Which leads me to my final endorsement…

8) First Place is a phenomenal Christ-centered wellness/accountability program. I shed twenty-five pounds about a year and a half ago, and I believe in it! It is a program that you can do forever – teaches healthy eating but doesn’t deprive you of things you enjoy – like CARBS! It just limits and teaches moderation. The program emphasizes our focus on Christ and our need to honor Him with how we treat our bodies. It’s fantastic – even if you don’t need to lose weight. It’s all about balance within a singular focus. Check out the website ( or email me ( if you have questions I may be able to answer. I’m looking for a church in the area currently hosting a First Place session; can anybody hook me up?

If you were super fab enough to land an endorsement deal, what would it be for?

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  1. Mark
    August 28, 2008 at 4:00 am

    Hairless Cats
    Have allergies? Do you long for a four-legged creature to ignore and annoy you at the same time? Do you miss emptying a litter box? Well why not adopt a hairless cat. They have all the qualities you do not like about a cat, except they are freakishly bald. What better thing for your child.

  2. Crystal
    August 28, 2008 at 10:41 am

    Mini-Vans With T.V.’s- what in the world did we do without them? I can’t imagine driving across the US without one (my parents did it with three pre-pubescent children-AAAGH!)

  3. Susanne
    August 28, 2008 at 11:18 am

    Great post!! Let me know if/when you find a FP Group. I found out yesterday that my Mom’s church (in Columbia) is hosting a FP4H Change Your Life Event in November. Carole Lewis will be there!! I figure whether I find a group or not, that will be a GREAT time to get pumped and encouraged to continue the journey. (I started filling out Commitment Records last week…) Let me know what you think!!

  4. gillian
    August 28, 2008 at 11:51 am

    Thanks for the info on The Pig’s Click n’ Shop! With my son starting 4k (no naps) anything after 3:45 is difficult! I don’t think I cooked at all last week because I refused to take an exhausted child to the grocery store!

  5. The Flossip
    September 5, 2008 at 2:45 am

    Great post! I linked it on

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