Like yours, my life is noisy. Carson got a singing Hannah Montana doll and card and a singing Ariel card for her birthday, so she and Campbell were well armed with noisemakers as we left Savannah earlier today. I did step up as the party pooper and nixed all of the plans for a very Hannah Montana ride home.

But before we left, the girls went to the store and to see the ducks with Granddaddy and Gran- Gran. I was upstairs gathering our things when I noticed it. Everything was still and quiet. No appliances whirring. No birds chirping. Silence. And I just sat down for a few minutes to listen. Not to think – just to listen.

There’s something about experiencing God in absolute silence. I experience Him differently when I am singing my heart out in praise than when I am surrounded by the beauty of Creation than when I am in silence. Not that He changes; I am just drawn to different aspects of His character in different settings. During my own “Shout to the Lord” sessions I am overtaken by His soveriegnty, His omnipotence, His goodness, His grace, His forgiveness. The evidence of God in nature leaves me filled with wonder, amazed at His attention to detail, His creativity, His perfection, His beauty. I am awestruck as I notice the growth of spring, peer up at the mountains, or stare endlessly over the ocean from the shore.

But silence speaks to me of His comfort, His peace, His companionship. And I just feel like I don’t have to do anything or say anything or try to hear anything from Him. Just be with Him. It’s exactly like riding in the car with Chris, being glad to be with him, enjoying his presence, and feeling perfectly comfortable to be quiet and be together.

Sometimes I try to plan silence, but it’s usually shattered by a dog barking, construction workers sawing, phones ringing, or UPS men buzzing the doorbell. And there are other times when I just become aware of it – like this morning. It was like this sweet, little, perfect gift that I found tucked away out of plain view and was able to keep it all to myself.

Originally posted April 20, 2008

Sometimes Satan is a lil' yappy dog in your life

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  1. Jenn in GA
    May 12, 2010 at 7:52 pm

    this is so true! you put words, beautiful descriptions, to what i experience too. thanks! glad you’re posting more regularly again.

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