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Feeling a lil‘ dry and dusty in the cranial department, so I thought I would post some entries from my gratitude journal I kept way back when. I am still thankful for all of them, but some don’t pertain to my life as much as they once did (particularly ones related to students and teaching).

  • scrambled eggs and ketchup (yes, together! yes, I am Country Mouse! Can I get a witness?)
  • sunshine on my back
  • a beautiful moon
  • a book that just won’t let you go
  • a new appreciation for pink
  • service people who show up on time and are true to their word (all repair issues in the house have been resolved)
  • people with a new perspective on a worn out topic
  • a quaint local bookstore
  • a witty quip delivered at just the right time
  • Mom & Pop restaurants that serve a meat & 3
  • having the correct change
  • a tasty barbecue sandwich
  • hearing a compliment through the grapevine
  • time alone
  • overhearing students having intelligent conversations
  • $6 interest earned by my savings account (in 1998)
  • a returned phone call
  • good writing pens
  • the anticipation of the postman’s arrival
  • a full tank of gas
  • hope and life as symbolized by a new house plant (’til it thirsts to death and shrivels into dust :-))
  • all around great days in the middle of the week
  • freshly vacuumed carpet
  • finding $4 in my pants pocket this morning (I wish!)
  • the comforting hum of the heater
  • time that eases embarrassment
  • worries that don’t come true
  • an undisturbed night’s rest
  • second chances
  • skinny face days and skinny leg days
  • having stamps when you need them
  • tulips
  • forgiveness

Sarah Ban Breathnach says in the front of my journal, “All you truly need is the awareness of all you have.” So true in my life. So thankful to say that I don’t need a thing…

Let us run with perseverance...

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