Sounds of Summer…

Ones I Savor…

  • When Carson says, “That’s the bomb!”
  • When Campbell says, “That’s a gweat idea!”
  • “Tell me about this new church…”
  • “Your table’s ready…”
  • “I enjoy reading your blog”
  • the signal on my phone that indicates I have a new text message
  • “Happy Birthday to you!”
  • Lots of laughter
  • the breeze off the ocean (haven’t heard it often enough)
  • anything with the word NewSpring in it (Oh, btw – the next meeting for NewSpring Florence is this Sunday night, August 3, at 6:30 at the Baptist Collegiate Ministries (BCM) building at FMU; childcare will be provided. I am pumped up; see you there. Did you love my not-so-subtle plug?)
  • the sound of pages turning in an awesome summer read (Have you read The Shack yet? I finally mustered the courage, and it was well worth the difficulty of the first six chapters. First book I think I’ve ever read that gave me sweet dreams – just thinking about how good He is…)

Ones I’m not Diggin’ so much…

  • “MaaaaaaaaaMaaaaaaaaaaaa!” followed by an incriminating report (I am sure that I was a tattler as a child. I don’t remember being one, but given my personality I am sure that I was one. And I do hereby publicly repent for all of the anguish I caused my parents. It is honestly about to get the best of me!)
  • “I’m bored.”
  • Cow-thon or Caw-thorn (mispronunciations of our last name)
  • “Mama, I gotta go potty” when we’re in a restaurant, in a car, and especially on a bus (shaky, bumpy potty, for sure)
  • “Hello, may I speak to Sheila?” (my real name – Who is she?)
  • “What are we going to do fun today? tonight? in the morning? tomorrow?”
  • Wailing
  • The sound of my temper revving to indicate that my engine is low on patience. I was runnin’ hot today, and it was not wise to stay at home all day with my two sweet ones…

What’s your summer sounding like?

As if...
From There to Here - Part III

One Comment

  1. Amy P
    July 30, 2008 at 1:19 pm

    I can so identify with most of those!

    You haven’t gotten “Coffin” yet? I was even given a medicine bottle with that on it in my teenage years!

    I now have the joy of hearing Lily cry 3x a day about school starting in 7 days….here we go again!

    Enjoy the rest of your summer!!

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