That’s How I Roll…

I looked in the mirror yesterday around lunchtime and found that I was wearing only one earring. No, the other one wasn’t lost. No, the other one hadn’t fallen out during the morning chaos, but thank you for trying to excuse my absentmindedness. I had simply put in one earring and gone right about my business.

I had dropped off Campbell at school and volunteered in Carson’s class, and no one said anything. Chances are they didn’t notice; it’s not a big deal really. But it is indicative of how I move through some days – haphazard and scattered.

But, you know, it’s like a ten year-old snowboarder told my husband when Chris complimented his funky ski hat, “That’s how I roll…”

So there, most of the time I’m a crazed nut case mom with my one earring; french fries, crayons, cups, and drawings rolling out of my car door when it’s opened; speeding like a bullet everywhere I go to reach the unattainable goal of actually being on time somewhere; and sporting some kind of food stain at all times.

But you what, that’s how I roll..

Date Night

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  1. Susanne
    April 4, 2008 at 3:30 pm

    Hehe! You crack me up! Looks like we are “kindred spirits” in more than one way my dear!
    Have a good one!

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