The difference 365 days & Jesus can make…

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The difference 365 days & Jesus can make. Last Christmas was the worst for us. We were both jobless and living in a tiny rental. We had lived in four houses in 16 months, and our marriage was in a bad place. I was at the bottom of a well of despair and depression; all I heard was darkness. All I tasted was darkness. And in it, I turned away from God – told him to take his hand off my life or let me die. Chris was crushed by the weight of providing for us. Security for us. Stability. A livelihood. He felt the weight of keeping our entire family afloat when we were all barely snatching gasps of air.

While some of our lowest points occurred in 2014, slowly but surely the Lord began to administer healing. And not only that…JOY! Peace. Forgiveness. A love and a passion and an insight that is purely beautiful. Our marriage, our children, and both of us are thriving like never before. So much so that Christmas 2014 has been our best one yet!

And if this Christmas has been difficult, keep breathing – even when you don’t want to and He gives you no choice – ’cause He is faithful. Even when we aren’t. Merry, Merry Christmas to you from the Cawthon Clan! #OnlyJesus
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