The Evolution of a Worshiper (Part I)

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Disclaimer: Before I tick anybody off, I don’t think that you have to worship like me. The Bible gives like a gazillion ways we can worship – with tambourines, in silence, with dancing, with lifted hands, in prayer, with loud cries, in meditation, etc… I love ’em all. I want to worship Him in every way possible.

But do you think you have to learn how to worship God? I’m not sure, but I felt a little like that as a new follower of Christ. I didn’t quite know how to express my awe of Him, how to communicate my adoration for Him. Initially, I cried a lot. When I would experience Him afresh, or hear from Him, or sense His presence, I would cry. I worshiped with tears because it was all so new (and to be honest, so supernatural) that I just melted, walked around in a puddle every Sunday after church.

Then, as I became more accustomed to encountering Him, I learned how to talk to Him and how to interact with Him through His Word. We began a real conversation, and I learned how to praise Him through prayer (praying the Psalms was great practice when I couldn’t think of my own words) and how to hear from Him through Scripture.

After we had a few years under our belt, I discovered how to be open to allowing music to take me to a place of worship – how to close my eyes, listen intently, and allow the lyrics to become my prayer. I still worship in all of these ways, but this is probably my favorite because I love me some tunes.

But I noticed as I sang in worship in the car and at church and sometimes even at home, I felt I had to consciously think about my hands, arms, legs, and feet because they were getting into this thing too, and if I didn’t keep a watchful eye on ’em, they were definitely going to embarrass me in public. So, I became a closet singing/dancing/crying/praying worshiper. I would go into my bedroom at night (while Chris watched TV); I would close the door, cut out all the lights (I didn’t want to see myself either) and really pour myself out to Him.

That was about the same time that I began to try out different postures of prayer. I was ready to break free of the notion that prayer HAD to be head bowed, hands folded, eyes closed. I began to worship on my knees, completely prostrate on the floor, in a ball on the floor (like how you do in leap frog when someone is leaping over you), and standing with both arms lifted to Him. I still worship in all of those ways and have found it very meaningful to seek a posture of humility, of praise, of submission, etc…, as I approach Him.

Now, I feel pretty free to be publicly demonstrative in worship. I do try not to wig you out if we are in the same row together at church, but I also try to close my eyes and focus only on HIM, adoring HIM.

Disclaimer #2: What I do with my body when I worship means nothing. Worship occurs in my heart and in my mind. I have just tried different ways to arrive at a place of total concentration on Him.

Don’t know why I wanted to share this except that I think it’s pretty interesting how a girl very uncomfortable with demonstrative worshippers in church actually became one.

Disclaimer #3: Where I worship can and should be anywhere. In fact, I had one of my favorite worship experiences today at the gym. Stay tuned for that experience and a few of my other faves. As far as I remember right now, only one of them actually occurred in a church. Until then…

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  1. allidaisy
    May 4, 2009 at 12:47 am

    I am diggin’ Him and love how you express you love and joy over Him! Keep rockin’ Cookie!

  2. gillian
    May 4, 2009 at 12:24 pm

    so glad you’re back! Loved this post!!! I felt like I was reading my own thoughts!

  3. Jenn in GA
    May 5, 2009 at 12:22 pm

    having grown up in church when church was so much more formal than it is now, initially i was very perplexed by all the hand raising during worship.

    now, i’m one of the chief hand raisers! i love how God leads us along and grows us in our understanding of Him. for the past 10 years, i have been a lead worshiper for adults and currently have the privilege of modeling worship for 2nd and 3rd graders.

    please pray for those in your congregation in these roles, as the enemy whispers lies in our ears incessantly about our motives, our worthiness…anything he can do to distract us from our goal of bringing glory to God. it’s warfare, and intercession would be great appreciated.

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