Turn on the music…

Okay, okay, okay. So the word regularly (as in the sentence I do commit to blog regularly) is a very subjective term. What is the meaning of the word regularly… Anyway, I’m trying to create this blogging habit, but I obviously don’t have it programmed into my daily routine as of yet. Bear with me… (I love ellipsis marks; they rock at conveying a thoughtful pause in writing – YES, I AM A DORK!).

Anyway, on to life observations.

My children are not often in the car when it is dark outside. We are a pretty structured, routine-driven family, and my children are generally at home getting ready for bed as the sun sets. Therefore, Campbell, our two year-old, is a little freaked out when she can’t see anything in the car because it’s dark outside. The other night she said, “Hey, I can’t see any fing; somebody turn on the music!” Which totally cracked me up. I still think that’s just too funny.

Now, I honestly do think she was trying to convey two totally separate thoughts, but the illogic of that sentence has stuck in my brain. But you know, I’m guilty too. I’ll say, “I’m stressed; cut me a piece of 75 layer chocolate cake, pronto!” or “I feel buried and overwhelmed by all that I need to do; I’m going to take a nap.” Yep, that’s me. Talk about illogical. The action that I take doesn’t at all address the problem at hand. Sure, it feels better, but it doesn’t make a lick of sense and is actually counterproductive. I don’t know why I do that; I’m sure there’s some deep-seated emotional trauma that warped my thinking, but I don’t care to delve into that.

In this season of my life, I just want to do what’s best, even if it’s what’s hardest. And that’s usually the case, you know, the best course of action is usually the hardest of your options – not the most fun, the easiest, or what feels the best. That sucks, but I am learning the pay-off in the end is soooooooo worth it – always.

Long live the ellipsis…

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