What in the world are you doing?

The 410 Bridge has a tee for sale in their store that asks, “What in the world are you doing?” How are you making a difference in the world? What are you doing to rectify the unbalanced equation in your life – the excess of your own versus the insufficiency of another’s? A child’s.

Okay. I’m gonna shoot straight with you. I am here to beg you to help my friends. I’m not talking about disturbing images on TV that we flip by quickly. I’m not talking about pictures of anonymous faces that show up on WorldVision ads on the sidebar of Facebook. I am talking about kiddos I personally met, Ann and Silvia in Class 4 at Uaso Nyiro Primary School. I read this letter from Jane, the director of BrightPoint for Children, to Mark, a trip participant from my trip to Kenya in November, and I am not too proud to beg you to help them:

Hi Mark,

Hope you had a fantastic Christmas! I still can’t believe 2010 is here.

Just wanted to let you know that the Primary Schools in Kenya started back this past week. Right now there is no money going to Uaso Nyiro Primary School… so the children are not being served lunch yet, nor any of the other upgrades (more teachers, textbooks, desks, etc) can happen until the Star Students are sponsored. What makes it even harder, is that one of the sister schools in Segera, Endana Primary, has been fully sponsored by a church in TX… so the kids are eating lunch each day, have a new library, more teachers, desks, books, Saturday tutoring, assessment tests and more. You probably visited that school when you were there.

So, this is just a reminder that they need help… I am willing to do anything to help you in your role as Point Person… just let me know what that is. If you can set up a “Sponsorship Sunday”, I can come help run it… if you need flyers, etc…. just let me know. A huge e-mail campaign usually works wonders too!! We just sent out an e-mail “pre-releasing” a Cambodia program we are announcing on Jan 19th and 27 kids have been sponsored in the last 24 hours.

Let me know what we can do/how I can help to get this off and running! I love the Uaso Nyiro school… they have so much energy and excitement and faith, I hope to get them sponsored and funded SOON!!
Bless you for your heart for these Segera kids!

Have a VERY blessed 2010,

I held their hands. I taught their class. I played duck-duck-goose with them. I heard their voices sing and watched them dance. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE consider sponsorship! When you sponsor a child, the entire class and school benefits! Lunch. Books. More teachers. Please…

My family and I are sponsoring Nasipo, the little girl on one knee with other kiddos’ hands on her head 🙂 Ann and Silvia are in the pictures above, and you can sponsor them here:

BrightPoint for Children – Uaso Nyiro Primary School



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