What It Means When a Blogger Doesn’t Blog

This whole blogging world is so fascinating to me, especially now that I blog. It allows us to creep into somebody’s day, brain, or heart and hear things we ordinarily wouldn’t. Erika is one of my closest friends, and I see and speak with her several times in a week, but I read her blog every night to see what she’s up to and to gauge how she’s doing. But what does it mean when a blogger doesn’t blog?

Several times Chris has said to me, “Billy Joe Bob hasn’t blogged in a few days. I hope everything is going okay.” Or while he’s out of town he reads my blog and comments, “I saw you didn’t blog last night.” As if to say, “What’s really going on at home?”

It may mean any number of things. She’s incredibly swamped. He’s out of town. She’s under the weather. He’s totally stressed about work. She’s melting down. He’s exhausted. She’s feeling very overwhelmed. He’s blank on creativity.

Last week I took a blogging sabbatical to write three articles for She (I was incredibly swamped). Last night I didn’t blog because I honestly sat in a chair in the living room for thirty minutes trying to think of something to write (I was blank on creativity). Nothing came. I just think it’s an interesting new measure on those we keep up with – even if we don’t know them personally. My bet is that if someone doesn’t blog for a few days he or she could use some prayer. Just an observation from my own short blogging history, so let’s step up to bat in our prayer lives for those whose absence of words may speak louder than the ones they type.

And if I’m wrong, there’s never any harm in going to the Father on behalf of a friend.

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