What lies ahead… (Part Two)

As I have continued to process the thoughts behind my last post, I kinda came to a conclusion that this season of such unmerited blessing (our Monday night Bible study has grown 60% in two weeks with five or six different churches represented, and I did nothing to cause that. I didn’t even do anything to help that happen. I didn’t even pray for that to happen. In fact, we were discussing disbanding so that we could all be involved in the summer activities of our respective churches. God is blowin’ the doors off it, and I consider it one of the coolest blessings ever to see Him take it over and do His thing, but I digress...)…

I was saying that this season of blessing is part of the preparation for the tears ahead. To store up personal experiences with His goodness, His faithfulness, His grace, His forgiveness, His attentiveness, His strength, His wisdom, His timing and to draw from that when I need it.

I am thankful He is preparing me, and I am having a blast along the way. More fun than I have ever had.

What lies ahead...

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