I am certain.

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These are uncertain times. Uncertainty seems to hang in the air like a bad odor, seems to course through our veins like a dark dye. It’s a car poking along in front of us on a road where we can’t pass. We feel trapped behind it.

And I pride myself in trying to live in oblivion by limiting my exposure to the news. I like to be able to speak intelligently about national and global affairs, but the doom and gloom is often more than I care to digest. Whenever possible I try to starve my fear’s appetite for looming disaster. I do a pretty good job, so don’t expect any riveting posts on current events in the near future. While trying to emaciate my anxieties, I am always trying to fatten my faith.

Oh no, here she goes again…

Faith is this nebulous, obtuse, abstract (yes, I know they all kinda mean the same thing – I just love them) thing that makes people think Christ-followers are straight up nut jobs. It’s true. The concept of placing faith in something outside of ourselves seems to make people uncomfortable.

It shouldn’t; we do it all the time. For instance, every morning I rush around like a crazy person getting people fed, dressed, and in the car with all the necessities for the day. There’s usually not a minute to spare, honestly. And when I put the key in the ignition and turn it, I expect it to crank. I have faith in my nine year-old 112, 000 mile Pathfinder. In nine years it has started every time I have turned the key except once (when the battery exploded – frightful). My truck and I have history; it has been very faithful. For that I am grateful. I demonstrate my faith in my truck by how I live my morning. I don’t build in extra time for car issues. I don’t have a back-up plan if my transportation fails. I know the car is going to crank. It always has. As my car gets older and more worn, I am headed for a day of disappointment. The first time it leaves me high and dry; my faith in it will take a hit and perhaps collapse all together (depending on where I am stranded, how long it takes help to arrive, and how many children I have in the car at the time).

My point is this – we all put our faith in something. Our money, the company we work for, our spouse, our children, ourselves. That’s all fine and dandy until the economy crashes, our company folds, our spouse dies unexpectedly, our children rebel, and we totally come unglued. Those things happen every day.

What are you putting your faith in?

I’ll go first, and I’ll shoot straight. My big picture faith is in Jesus Christ. Constant. Eternal. Faithful and True. His character and His promises don’t change with the Dow; He isn’t surprised by the energy crisis, and He can’t be usurped by the next President. He doesn’t worry or waver, and He is the only certainty, the only fail-safe fool-proof unshakable strength and security in the face of our uncertain circumstances.

But, truth be told, my daily little picture faith is in myself. I tend to think I can handle things quite nicely on my own. Honestly, that never turns out well. I am moody, and impatient, and I often have sharp edges. I can be insecure and selfish and undisciplined and weak. I am proud, often loud, opinionated, and bossy. Really…who would sign up to put their faith in that? I’m taking my name off that sign-up sheet (wish it were that easy…). Seriously, my truck is more dependable than I am. However, …

There can be certainty. Of that, I am certain! Are you?


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  1. Scarlett
    October 5, 2008 at 3:11 am

    “My hope (faith) is built on nothing less than Jesus’ blood and righteousness…..On Christ the solid rock I stand, all other ground is sinking sand, all other ground is sinking sand.”

    Having said that…I also have great temporal faith in my spanxx….smooths the humps and bumps everytime 🙂

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