Who’s That Girl?

Categories:Preschool Years
Stress reliever #37 before the start of school: A 12-inch haircut.
Four ponytail elastics: free My Sunshine’s new do: $20

That smile. You guessed it – priceless!

She cracked me up when we were walking in FOR A BASIC TRIM!
“Momma, if my hair is long enough today to cut, can I get a do?”
“A do?”
“Yeah, you know. Grammie has a do.”
Well, I do believe Fancy got herself a do now, huh?
A Lil' Somethin' Up My Sleeve: Clue #1

One Comment

  1. heather Lane
    heather LaneReply
    August 31, 2009 at 7:30 pm

    thats my sweet niece I love the doo

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