Word Nerds Unite!

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This post is in honor of this year’s American Idol (self-proclaimed Word Nerd – David Cook) and those parents who – like myself – have gotten a little too partial to Quizzy’s Word Challenge on Webkinz World to claim that they do it for their kids. So here’s a shout out to all my fellow word nerds out there…

I want to kinda rob and modify an idea from Tony Morgan’s session on blogging at Unleash. He gave all the participants in the session a word (flamboyant) to use in their blogs in the couple of days following the conference; everyone who used the word in a post was to send him a link for him to judge who used it most creatively.

So to completely torture myself and you, I am going to put some of my favorite words to good (and perhaps comical) use in some of my next posts. Your job is to hold me accountable, and if you want to join in the nerdy fun, leave me a comment using one of the words, include some of the words in your own blog posts, and/or comment with some of your own favorite words that we can add to the mix. If you are a blogger and you’re not on my blogroll, plug your blog here so we can come check out your wordsmithery (do I get extra credit for makin’ up a word?).

Here goes…

  • taciturn
  • loquacious
  • stellar
  • bombastic
  • placid
  • gingerly
  • delectable
  • pensive
  • proclivity
  • adept

Dictionary.com is one of my new discoveries if you’re lookin’ for some online assistance.

Let the fun begin…

Questionable comfort...
Big Church, Big Girl


  1. erika chapman
    May 24, 2008 at 2:26 am

    Cookie, Just wanted to say thank you for the delectable dinner you shared with us last night:) You are doing a stellar job of challenging all of us intellectually. I will gingerly attempt to rise to the challenge. Weak, yes I know, but at least I tried:)

  2. Cookie
    May 25, 2008 at 1:51 am

    You are the bomb (not at all bombastic though)! It seems you are quite adept at wordsmithery, huh? Thank you for geekin’ out with me…

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