Who’s Your Daddy? – Videos

Who's Your Daddy - Bible Study Videos

use the password from your workbook to access each video session

Beginning January 1, 2016 the videos will be accessible here. The password to access each study video is found on page one of the study workbook. Don’t have the workbook? Order here. If you are doing this study with your small group, download our free small group discussion guide.

You can view Session 1 below for free. Ready to get started but still waiting on your book to arrive? Download the first week of the Who’s Your Daddy? workbook here for free.

Session 1

view session one above, or go here to download the video file

Session 2

watch or download session 2 here

Session 3

watch or download session 3 here

Session 4

watch or download session 4 here

Session 5

watch or download session 5 here

Session 6

watch or download session 6 here